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Shocking No Breathing!

Haruka and Nagisa awaken to Makoto's shouts for Rei and immediately dive to their aid after noticing them in the rough sea. Upon approaching Rei, Makoto suddenly becomes fear stricken but is rescued by Haruka. However as Nagisa goes after Rei the group is suddenly struck by a large wave. A while later, Haruka drags Makoto to the nearby Sukishima shore and upon awakening, the latter's old fear of the ocean resurfaces. Elsewhere, Nagisa and Rei make it to shore with the latter blaming himself for putting the group in danger. Soon enough, the guys reunite and despite each blaming themselves for their own shortcomings, are genuinely relieved that they are all unharmed. With the storm still raging on, the guys decide to head over to the nearby abandoned Sukishima Rest House for shelter and after scavenging some leftover food from the kitchen, they decide to pass the time by telling each other embarrassing stories. Eventually Rei asks Makoto about the reason for his hesitation in the water and much to Haruka's objection, Makoto reveals his thalassophobia. Makoto explains that when he was younger, he had befriended an old fisherman in a nearby fishing harbor. However the man's boat soon got caught up in a typhoon and sank three kilometers from the harbor, killing everyone on board. Makoto explains that both himself and Haruka used to swim three kilometers offshore everyday, but ever since the fisherman's death, he felt as if an unknown force dwelt in the ocean. Makoto concludes that he planned their trip despite his fear since believing that their shared passion for swimming can take them anywhere. As the storm finally subsides, the guys step out and marvel at the stars, which symbolically reflect off of a large puddle, echoing Makoto's words. The next morning, the guys swim back to the mainland and collapse from exhaustion on the shore, much to Gō and Miho's confusion.

Data de exibição: 15/08/13
Este episódio foi ao ar ± 9 anos atrás.


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